I have never been a Samsung fan as I am always a Nokia babe since high school, but this Samsung Galaxy fad has been around for some time and it actually convinced me to try its new Samsung Galaxy S3 unit. Although the company’s units are on the expensive side, I decided to give it a shot, noting that Samsung has been known for its high quality and superb products.

Un-boxing the Samsung Galaxy S3 was quite exciting. I felt like I was taken back to high school when I first laid my hands and eyes on my very first mobile phone, a Nokia; I have already forgotten its model, but I’m pretty sure that it was the bulky one with an extended antenna and loaded with the popular Snake game. I am quite impressed with its packaging – robust, classy, and made of polycarbonate. It’s nothing short of plastic, but not really the very plastic-y feeling that you’ll get when you have feature phones from Nokia. However, its outer covering isn’t much of a scratch-resistant material. And I am kind of worried these days that its wear and tear has started to show, particularly that I bought the glossy, Marble White. It’s been with me for about four months now and a bit of scratches at its back is quite apparent in nearer view. I wish I wasn’t in a hurry to get a Galaxy S3 as I could have obtained a glossy black finish, which has just been announced in the market last month.

On the one hand, I like its thin body, but not so much of the fact that it feels so thin that it could crush between my hands or in my pocket when I bend. Thankfully, I’m never the type of user who always puts her phone in her pocket, especially that I own a hundred plus dollar phone. But what I like most about the phone is its memory. It has a built-in 64 GB memory that can be added with another 64 GB, too. Because of it, I am able to play all my favorite songs and even store some movies in it. But, honestly, I don’t love the audio. It’s cracking and does not have bass, unlike my Nokia. Also, it has wi-fi issues. Calls tend to drop once in a while because of its slow wi-fi capability. I don’t think it’s a problem with my net provider because I’ve actually placed it side by side with Nokia and the latter was actually doing fine getting good signal while the former has not progressed.

Should I recommend the Samsung Galaxy S3? Not really. I must say that Samsung is a good and reliable company when it comes to mobile phones, but this particular model isn’t the best cream in its crop. In fact, you can find a number of Nokia phones with similar specifications but way cheaper than the Galaxy S3.


Honestly, I am never a fan of Leonardo Dicaprio. I thought he never seems so skilled in acting and that he never really loved his craft. However, my perception of him changed when I watched Titanic, the Beach, and, of course, Romeo and Juliet. Am I not too obvious that I love drama? Anyway, I’ve been smitten by him since I watched those movies, and his latest flick, The Great Gatsby is another movie that I’ve fallen in love with.

Led by some of Hollywood’s finest, Leonardo di Caprio, Tobey McGuire, and Carey Mulligan, The Great Gatsby is a drama film that depicts the life of James Gatz, better known as Jay Gatsby. The setting was in the early 1900′s as he was born to a poor American German family in 1890 and had started despising poverty when he was dropped out of college during his few school days in the first semester. He fell in love with Daisy, a woman who was born with a silver spoon, but she was married to a guy from the elite society. This pushed Gatsby to do everything he can to obtain wealth, and eventually get Daisy. With the said goal in mind, he became a self-made millionaire by getting into illegal activities. Gatsby’s life was full of twists and turns, but the movie wasn’t solely focused on Gatsby’s life as it was more of Nick’s recall of his experience with Gatsby while he was still alive. It basically showed that Gatsby had a liking on Nick since he had invited Nick to lunches and parties for a couple of times. In fact, he revealed his history to Nick and Nick was the only person who actually knew what happened to Gatsby and the rumors surrounding his death.

Firstly, I think Carey Mulligan looks incredible in her role as Daisy Fay; she looks refined and sophisticated. Anyway, I have tried reading the novel way back in 2000′s, and I haven’t really hoped so much for it from a movie. It was probably because of two things: I was still in my teens that time and I didn’t care about the core thought of a novel, and, as I said, I was not a fan of Leo at that time. However, the movie was awesome. It transported me to the era of rock ‘n roll when women wore flare skirts, immense head accessories, and when clouds of colors and class are ubiquitous. The lavish parties; extravagant fixtures and furniture; and gorgeous flowers all made me feel that Gatsby had tried his best to showcase his wealth to attract Daisy, but to no avail since he died in the end.

The movie was traumatic. Imagine being born to a penniless home; falling in love to someone who’s not in your level; and finally turning in to illegal activities to make a 360 degree turn from your despicable beginnings. The Great Gatsby is a mixture of everything fine – romance, hatred, suspense, and ecstasy rolled into one.


If there is one role that I certainly don’t like to carry out, it would have to be the role of a groom’s man because I definitely get tired of getting dressed and looking good for one, intimate ceremony. However, I wasn’t able to refuse when my older brother invited me to be his groom’s man for his wedding next month. It was a pretty awful thought and I have always imagined myself to be too grungy for situations like this. I am just so thankful that I have my girlfriend to ask for help. It turns out that she and my brother’s soon-to-be-wife are actually friends way back in high school; talk about meeting in a small world, huh?

A week before the wedding, my girlfriend brought me to her favorite department store, and I never knew it actually existed in my place for about 5 years. It just shows that I’ve never been a good shopper. I will have to choose my own pants and suit based on the budget given by my brother. In this case, he gave me $500. He probably felt guilty for me, after all. My girlfriend started searching for a pair of dark-colored pants that would match a champagne motif. I am never really interested about shopping, especially for formal attire, so I told her to choose anything that’ll do for my role for me. But, she’s persistent that I go out with her, so I could fit the clothes immediately. Luckily, we found a champagne suit that looks great and at the same time suits great. I only need to add a hundred more. It was really nice, and I actually teased my girlfriend that I like it to wear on our wedding day. I actually did not get any response from her every time I try to insert our wedding humor. After an hour or two of going about in circles in that department store, we finally paid the item, and strode to my car. I feel excited for my brother’s upcoming wedding, but I also feel anxious with my role.

On the one hand, I was quite surprised when I found out that I am not the only one having clothing issues here as I heard from my cousin that my girlfriend is actually helping my brother’s bride-to-be find a gorgeous wedding dress. Fortunately, my girlfriend helped the bride-to-be found her dream wedding dress on a website thegreenguide.com. It is a beautiful, sleeved wedding dress in champagne. It would definitely look gorgeous in my soon-to-be sister-in-law, but I think my beautiful girlfriend will definitely look prettier and classier in it.


A vacation in Italy has been in my list even before I had children, and now that I have two, very active boys, I thought that I would have to say goodbye to my ultimate dream destination forever. Imagine my excitement when my husband called me to prepare for a trip to Italy with the kids as his way of celebrating his recent promotion at work. He always knew that I’m going to be really happy about it. So here’s a quick rundown on where he went, what we did, and how our August Italian vacation was.

I got dizzy with the long list of hotels and vacation houses in Italy online. Finally, we settled in Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany, Italy. I’ve been to some countries in Asia and in Europe, but this hotel is one of the most beautiful places I’ve stayed in a foreign country so far. Breathtaking sceneries, tranquil environment, commendable staff, plush amenities and furniture, and lots of places for kid-friendly activities, too. It’s basically a home away from home with a lot of luxury.

One of the reasons that I decided to stay in Tuscany is the fact that it’s got a lot of kid-friendly opportunities to offer. Borgo Santo Pietro alone already has tennis courts, swimming pools, archery, volleyball, and bike riding activities available. On the one hand, there are also a lot of kid-friendly spots in Tuscany like San Gimignano, Pienza, and Siena. San Gimignano is famous for its medieval towers, bricks and mortar kind of pavements, and environment that’s more of brown and green, which is so Tuscany. I say Tuscany because my house is always Tuscany-inspired, which means that the colors of my interiors and exteriors are a mixture of wheat brown, emerald green, rust, and blues. Meanwhile Pienza is a Renaissance town that is teemed with humble villages, wide meadows, and peaceful ambiance. My husband and my eldest son rented a bike where they could both ride, so they had a lot of photos in Pienza while me and my 2 yr old Joshua stayed in a small cheese factory, which was a heavenly treat since we got to eat samples! We also went to Siena, and, yes, we fed a whole lot of pigeons at Piazza del Campo. My sons were very ecstatic in their pigeon-chasing moments.

The gastronomic experience during our Italian trip was heavenly. We mostly had our treats at Osteria la Porta and Restorante dei Frescobaldi, which both serve sumptuous meals and mouth-watering desserts. For our brunches and sweets, we brought the kids to Brac, a vegetarian restaurant that serves the best apple fritters and French toasts that I have ever tasted. These food establishments made our 4-day Italian very memorable.


A lot of times, the load or task of setting aside of money for a family holiday is abandoned up to the fathers and mothers. Obviously, this is comprehensible for those with juvenile children. That is for the reason that they are not really capable of working. Consequently, they cannot actually bring any cash on the table. Such is so, except they do a small amount of side job of some sort like constructing a lemonade kiosk, which perhaps would not bring in an entire lot of cash anyway. Then again, in cases in point wherein kids are in their middle to late adolescents, they are greatly able to help in providing the funds necessary to carry on a family holiday.

Not merely would such be of help to the parents not need to deal with the whole financial load, but then again it probably would also educate the children by what means to be reliable and trustworthy and it definitely would help them to recognize the value of the vacation even more. Therefore, it would not simply be a journey they are embarking on for the reason that they are compulsory to be present. They will most probably make an effort to enjoy it to the maximum level, for the reason that they recognize that they had so much things to do with turning it into a reality.

One of the principal things all and sundry can do prior to the time that they start finding ways to have funds is to choose where they desire to have their vacation. As soon as they made this choice, they can also do a number of studies to determine what the entire cost would perhaps be. For example, whenever they plan to go to Hawaii they could probably look up information about the flights, hotel info and other expenditures. They may possibly discover that it charges $1,500 per head for the whole trip. For a household of maybe four, that will be approximately $6,000 dollars. Upon figuring out the entire, they can afterwards choose what everyone must contribute grounded upon their revenue or income probability.

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